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The Costs of Smut in Coherence The societal costs of trash are staggering.


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This list is the biggest Warez overview on the entire internet! It contains links to Warez related topics, discussions, tools etc. It also provides some background information about the scene. GitHub and I do not supporting warez! Since the list is huge I can’t name each and every single one of you, but here is a short list which hopefully covers all of them:. Fake or real 4k – Check if the website provides a real or upscaled release, list is updated monthly, a alternative is the predb check.

Warning : You can’t download paid android apps for free from the official Google Play Store, paid apps are bound to your Google Account. You can only do the ” refund trick ” or download precracked apps from mobilism and other places! Keep in mind that you can lock yourself out if you’re whitelisted keybord is unfunctional or damaaged, you might not be able to use other USB hardware!

Firefox , Chrome. Chrome , Firefox , Opera. Replika , Mitsuku , cleverbot , eviebot , rose , jabberwacky , Kajiwoto ai builder. The Poster Database , covercentury , covrik , dvd-covers , dvdca , dvdcovers , cover-addict. File Sharing Host List , Weboas. FileRoom , Simple. Sirv , CloudImage , filestack , imagga , kraken , cloudinary , image4 , tiny. M4uFree , Streamm4u , m4ufree. Radio , cmd. Firefox , Chrome , Opera. Addon , getnada , tempinbox , disposable , anonbox , youdabomb , Generator.

Games – TypeRacer , ZType. Greasymonkey , Tampermonkey , Violentmonkey , Firemonkey. Warez This list is the biggest Warez overview on the entire internet! Disclaimer GitHub and I do not supporting warez! Why was this overview page created? Research reasons! Freedom of information! Most lists you find are outdated, not actively maintained or full of malware links. How frequently is the list updated?

In emergencies e. Credits Since the list is huge I can’t name each and every single one of you, but here is a short list which hopefully covers all of them: All contributors All demoscene people which helped to build the scene. All developers which developed mentioned programs.

All other people which helped to push this little project forward. How do I search on this page? Google uses for their blacklist, it provides hundreds of links with movie and tv shows. Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List. PDF – A list from provided by Europol and others, to watch the current piracy status. GDIndex – Team drive for googledri. You also can create your own TeamDrive. It will copy all contents of the folder and preserve the internal structure of the files and folders.

Optionally, you can also copy any sharing permissions over to the new folder. VN googlefiles – Another movie Team Drive, the websites forces you to use the – Telegram Bot to search and find files. Roshans mirror – Movies, Series, eBooks etc. Viper CLoud – Various Movies.

Example here. GtkHash – A cross-platform desktop utility for computing message digests or checksums. PS Hash – Portable checksum tool. Mamot – Mastodon instance of the La Quadrature du Net – A French advocacy group that promotes digital rights and freedoms of citizens.

Mastodon – Mastodon is an open-source self-hosted, federated social media networking service. Nitter – Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy. Pleroma – Host your own social media. Lemmy – Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit, Lobste.

Firefox Monitor – Have your accounts been leaked or stolen in a data breach? Find out at Firefox Monitor. LeakCheck – Paid database engine to check if your eMail, online accounts have been compromised. Snusbase – Paid Database Search Engine to check for latest database breaches.

Includes all the tools required for security testing. BackBox – Ubuntu-based distribution for penetration tests and security assessments. Parrot – Distribution similar to Kali, with multiple architecture. WiFiSlax – A specialized distro for wireless penetration testing.

Cracked – A forum for cracking related stuff. Crackia – Crackia Cracking Forum. Szenebox – Ger – SzeneBox. EScripts – anti-ad-blocker detection – English forum for nulled forum software. ScriptZSector – One of the newcomer, but fast growing forum. Also rated as one of the fastest VPNs out there. Cloudron – A solution that allows anybody to create private clouds instantaneously. Nebula – A scalable overlay networking tool with a focus on performance, simplicity and security.

Tailscale – Tailscale is a mesh VPN that makes it easy to connect your devices, wherever they are. No more fighting configuration or firewall ports.

It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPSec. AdBlock Radio – Block ads on live radio streams and podcasts. Machine learning meets Shazam! AdGuard – Claims to be the worlds most advance ad-blocker. Wikipedia’s Website about Ads-blocking – Wikipedia’s info page about ad-blockers. ArchiveBox – The open source self-hosted web archive.

It has everything needed to download, install, activate, uninstall, and clean. Latest Adobe Installers – Latest versions of the installer for each app. Posteo – Email green, secure, simple and ad-free! Tutanota – Secure email for everybody. Disposable – Disposable is a robust disposable email burner emails – API designed to help you verify whenever email address is coming from disposable service.

Tempr eMail – Similar service like Temp Mail, it’s from the same provider. Firefox Private Relay – Addon to create a temp eMail, the source code can be found over here. Maintain complete control over active addresses. Disposable Gmail Address – Generale temp Gmail addresses. FastMail – Email, calendars and contacts done right. Roundcube – MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

Webscene – The official webscene website. Balaton Sound aka per-fect – Listen to music on the website or download top playlists. Plixid – Seems to work together with NovaFile, own Facebook page and lots of music.

LeakedAlbums – New album releases. Clubbers – PL – Various music. NewAlbumReleases – A big place for music, various artists and genre. MinimalFreaks – As the website url tells, Minimal Music. Orpheus – Music Archive for mainly MP3 files. SongsLover – Blog around music, provides MP3s. Kingdom Leaks – DDL links for album leaks. This repository contains torrents for downloading its content. RockBox – A Metal music tracker.