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Autodesk inventor 2018 vs solidworks free download

Unless we get a bunch of competitors together to prove empirically that Solidworks can produce better renderings than Inventor or vice sokidworksthen this is a tie.


Autodesk inventor 2018 vs solidworks free download. CAD Review: Autodesk Inventor Vs Solidworks


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Subscription includes AutoCAD, specialized toolsets, and apps. Inventor Tolerance Analysis. Inventor Tolerance Analysis software is designed to understand the cost impact of dimensional variation. See all products from this Collection. Free Trial. What’s new. After some time these little annoyances might disappear. It is also difficult to find the package that belong to your needs, when you don’t know the package is able to do. I have attended most the Solidworks courses.

And passed the Associate, and Sheet Metal Professional exams. So i used Solidworks a lot. And in my opioin Inventor is a lot better. But like people have said, it depends what you want it for. For me i wanted Sheet Metal and iLogic. Solidworks can’t change models as good as Inventor. I can change my models in seconds.

And on the courses i went on no one could get my model to change that quick in Solidworks. They could not even get it to change how i wanted it to. I also found the people teaching in the training courses wasn’t as knowledgeable as they were on the Inventor courses. And i went to 3 different training centers, and it was the same at all of them.

This is partly due to they was straight out of university, so hadn’t used the software in a real design environment. So did not understand a lot of questions i asked them.

Whereas the people training the Inventor courses had all worked in a design area for a number of years. So understood more. Does SolidWorks? The correct answer is – No.

If that is not normal – which CAD programs do? I have used both daily for years and am a certified professional in both. Would you recommend that the OP listen to my opinions which I can back up with examples in both softwares?

If I may, if you are needing 3x the steps and operations in Inventor vs SWX, I’d say you’re not doing it correctly and may need professional training.

Typical Adesk software, if you know one way to do it, there’s at least another 4 other ways. Not sure what you mean by “often without a specific command or way”. Can you explain? Better yet, have you posted the issues on the main board?

Your comment of “Inventor isn’t multicore in 3d modeling ” is false, sorry. Inventor does in fact access and use multi-core, but only for commands that require it. Think a basic linear Extrude, versus Stress analysis. In general terms SWX and Inventor are the same, but they each have their differences.

Were you professionally trained on SWX? If so, I’ll bet you compared the two back then as well. I’ve worked with both, often at the same time. Our parts were being held or had to be held to the 4th decimal and this type of failure rate was and would have killed us. That was SWX’s release. Haven’t used it since. The other main issue he had was while in Inventor we were able to easily use equations in parameters and elsewhere, SWX until very recently didn’t offer such.

We used it extensively. Again, it all comes down to how you use the software. The best advice I can give is get a trial version 30 days typically isn’t enough, but that’s all you’ll get and run the softwares thru your typical daily routines. But, and this is a biggie, understand that you simply don’t know the more advanced abilities of these softwares and therefore will be stuck dealing with the basics.

It’s extremely hard to not compare the basics of a software you aren’t well versed with to the more advanced commands you typically use on a software you are well versed with. Quick example of that, a few years back I started teaching an Inventor Intro class, the first few classes I struggled and the students actually questioned if I knew the software or not. At that point I showed them the more advanced commands I’d use to do what the lesson was covering, jaws dropped.

The issue was I hadn’t used those basic commands in many years, I had moved on to the move advanced and more efficient way of creating the same features.

I literally had to relearn the software basics. O’Flaherty, never go into small computers. There’s no future in them” – Dr.

Choi circa You might have over-valued your contribution to the discussion. Plus, I wasn’t responding to the OP’s post but rather someone else’s here Inventor Forum. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular Inventor topics. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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