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Microsoft office word 2016 practice test free

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30 seconds. Q. What is the blinking vertical line in your document that indicates where you can enter text on the page. answer choices. insertion point. . Microsoft Word Free Practice Test. Microsoft Word Practice Exam Questions. Format Practice Exam. No. of Questions Questions. Delivery Online, Immediate. Test Modes Practice, Exam. $ ADD TO CART. KNOW MORE. SUBMIT TEST Get Premium Access. Report This Question. Close Submit. Test your knowledge of Word by taking our quiz.


Microsoft office word 2016 practice test free.How to Pass the Microsoft Word Assessment Test? – With Practice Questions & Answers


Login Login. Free Microsoft Word Test On the page below, you will find several sample questions stylised after those found in a Microsoft Word assessment.

Basic Questions. Change the Page Margins to Narrow Sort the students’ names alphabetically in ascending order Add numbering to the ‘Students’ and ‘Teachers’ lists separately Change the layout of the ‘Students’ list into two columns Create an Annual style Header.

Advanced Level Questions. Add the Developer tab to the Ribbon Record a Macro that will apply a yellow highlighting. View Related Tests. If you choose to use all of the available materials that you can find to prepare for the test, you will undoubtedly score higher than you would have otherwise. For each version, the packs include a wealth of information and training materials.

Each question comes with an explanation and instructions on how to solve the problem in an answer guide. The last practice test is specifically geared for those who do not receive notification of the version that they will be taking.

In addition to all the aforementioned things you get in the test PrepPack, you also receive information on how to interpret the scoring of your test. The modules can be downloaded directly to your computer so that you can work on them any time. A free practice test is available for the Word assessment test.

It includes brief overviews of the test questions as well as providing useful diagrams that make understanding them a bit easier. Access it by clicking here! Answers to the sample questions are provided in a separate PDF form that can be found on the same page as the practice test. An important thing to note is that the programs only work with computers that can access Windows. Any other platform will not be able to handle the download, so be sure that you have the appropriate technology before you start practicing.

In order to properly practice the following tasks, copy and paste the text below to a clean Word document left click, hold and drag to mark the text, right click — choose ‘copy’, at the Word document, right click — choose paste. Want more practice? We offer Microsoft Word-style test preparation in the form of in-depth practice tests, study guides and more. By signing up, you will gain access to our comprehensive Word-style resources designed to stimulate your learning process and boost your chances of success.

Start practising today to land the job you want. The free Microsoft Word-style questions on this page are designed to give you an idea of what to expect when taking the real thing. These questions have been stylised after questions found in both the interactive and multiple-choice sections of these tests to familiarise you with the tasks and functions you can anticipate performing.

Answers to the sample questions are provided in a separate PDF form that can be found on the same page as the practice test. An important thing to note is that the programs only work with computers that can access Windows. Any other platform will not be able to handle the download, so be sure that you have the appropriate technology before you start practicing.

If you are looking for more comprehensive test materials for other programs in Microsoft Office Suite like Excel , Powerpoint, or Outlook click here to view the available options. The versions of all the tests have been updated according to the latest Microsoft programs such as Office Here are the top tips for succeeding on the Microsoft Word Assessment Test:.

Good luck on studying for the Microsoft Word Assessment Test! With JobTestPrep , you will absolutely succeed. The best way to pass an assessment test in Word may vary depending on the specific test. However, some tips to help you prepare and improve your chances of passing include studying the basics of Word usage and formatting, practicing using different features of the software, and taking timed tests to help you develop a better sense of how much time you need to complete each task.

An MS Office test usually consists of a few basic questions about the use of the software. It may also include a few more difficult questions that test your knowledge of more advanced features. At advanced level, you will be tested on more expert levels of formatting the document which could involve applying themes or using indentation.

Solution: A footnote is at the end of each page and an endnote is at the end of each document 3. The best way is to find some online practice tests. There are many sites that offer both the multiple-choice tests and the simulations, which will help you prepare for the real test. The test will be either Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level; if you have applied for a role well within your reach, then the test should be the appropriate level for you.

Some candidates find the interactive questions easier than theoretical questions, as they have access to the program whilst answering the questions.

The main functions are to create a variety of different text documents, such as letters or articles. Although the focus is on word-processing, the program is also excellent for creating tables or visual graphics. The pass mark for the Microsoft Word test is Make sure you give yourself sufficient time to properly get ready for the test.

You will need to have time to complete a few practice tests and to familiarise yourself properly with Word, so start your preparations in good time.

As the tests are designed to test the skills that you would be using in your new job role, it is a good idea to make sure you know exactly what the role will entail. By doing this, you will be prepared for the types of questions that you may be asked. Before taking the test, make sure you have had some time to relax.

By starting the test feeling calm, you are less likely to be overwhelmed by it. If you are taking the test at home, ensure you have a calm, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Learn as many keyboard shortcuts before you take the test.


Microsoft office word 2016 practice test free. Microsoft Word Tests

With JobTestPrepyou will absolutely succeed. So, whichever way you choose to answer, if the result is correct, TEST4U will accept the answer as correct. By completing the tasks you will improve your practical skills in creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting text, shapes, and images, inserting tables, charts, SmartArt and Media, applying transitions and animations, and managing multiple presentations. Knowing which version of the Word program you will посмотреть еще to study for is also a vital part of being able to succeed on the test. Depending on microsoft office word 2016 practice test free requirements of the role that you have applied for, the employer may also ask you to take another test as well, such as Microsoft Excel test or a clerical aptitude test.