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So it can only work with old Samsung phones. Anyway, part of Samsung users still wants to download and use Samsung Kies for Windows If you also want it, please go ahead to get the useful tips. Want to download Samsung Kies for Windows computer? Perhaps you can’t easily find its download link on the Internet. But don’t worry. You still can download it securely here. First of all, you can download Samsung Kies and Samsung Kies 3 from its official website directly. If you would like to download Kies 3.

What’s more, different versions have different compatibility. Samsung Kies supports Samsung devices from Android 2. Kies 3 is compatible with Android 4. Besides, Kies can’t work on Samsung Galaxy S6 or later. So please ensure what version of your Samsung phone is before you download the software.

The followings are the main system requirements of Kies Tips: Where is Samsung Galaxy recycle bin and how to recover deleted files on Samsung? You can find the answers in this post. When you download the correct version of Samsung Kies for Windows 10, you can know about how to install, set and uninstall Samsung Kies on Windows 10 in this section.

Without further ado, let’s see the detailed instructions. Right-click the installation package and choose the ” Run as administrator ” option for getting more power. Or you can double-click to install it as usual. If needed, you can change the destination folder for storing the Kies by tapping the ” Change ” button.

Then tick off the agreement on the prompt and click the ” Next ” icon. Then it will automatically open the software. And you can connect your Samsung device to the computer now. See also: Want to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to the computer without hassle?

Please check it out. Please press the ” Windows ” and ” X ” keys on the keyboard simultaneously. To uninstall Samsung Kies on Windows 10, you can input the ” Kies ” letters in the search bar and click the software. Next, tap the ” Uninstall ” button. Then click the ” Uninstall ” feature again and choose the ” Yes ” option. You will remove the program from your computer soon. Plan to switch Huawei to Samsung? But how to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung?

If needed, please get the powerful tricks here. Want to retrieve data from a Samsung phone without a hitch? If so, you can learn solutions from this article. If you want to protect your data from loss, you should install Samsung Kies.

This program will allow you to backup and restore your data. It also supports unlimited multimedia files and synchronizes data with your PC. To learn more, read this article. Then you can make an informed decision for your own digital life. Samsung Kies for Windows Freeware is a software application that allows Mac OS and Windows to communicate with Samsung mobile phones and tablet computers. It is typically connected via USB to both devices. Once the software is installed, you will be able to sync and update your mobile devices.

Using Kies can also be used to transfer files from one device to another. Here are some tips for using Kies for Windows. The program lets you synchronize your devices and backup copies without the need for third-party apps. The software can sync photos, contacts, and other files and can also manage your media content.

You can also upgrade your software to the latest version using Samsung Kies, extending its capabilities. The program can also be used as a modem, allowing you to access the Internet without a computer. If you have a Samsung device, you can easily transfer content and personal information using Samsung Kies for Windows.

This application also allows you to transfer miscellaneous files such as documents, hidden folders, video subtitles, and other media from your device to your PC. This application is available for most Samsung devices. With the help of Samsung Kies, you can control the contents of your library from your computer. The full version of the Samsung Kies software can be downloaded from the Samsung Global Download Center or from the individual support pages of Samsung devices.

However, most Intel products only come with the mini version of Kies and Cache Acceleration Software, which acts as a temporary database and accelerator for your PC. It can also be used to view and play pictures and videos and update the software. If you have a Samsung mobile phone, you may be wondering how to sync the data between it and your PC.

The answer is Samsung Kies. This is an application that allows you to connect your Samsung phone to your PC and sync data between the two devices.

It supports a number of devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung Kies works with different types of media and can help you transfer files from your PC to your mobile device. Its user interface is easy to navigate and its set of functions is well organized.



Download Samsung Kies for Windows 10 (32/64 bit) in English – Download SAMSUNG Kies freeware – AfterDawn.


If your two devices are operating different versions for example you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and you wanted to sync it up with your Note 3. This is a major drawback for holders of multiple Samsung models of various ages. Another poor feature is that only content that has already been stored in your internal memory will be included in the transfer to your PC. A glaring fault is of course that Kies will only function on Samsung devices, so if you use any other Android mobile, tablet or notebook then it is no use to you.

Also, be aware that even the latest version of Samsung Kies can be frustratingly slow at times and can take a while to recognize linked devices. It is still some facelift away from competing with Apple and iTunes. For the central processing unit, Samsung recommends you have Intel Core 2 Duo 2. You can sync up most Samsung smartphones or tablets to your PC, but the latest versions of the Samsung Galaxy cannot run on Kies.

Note that the Kies program may lag on the more recent versions of Samsung models. If you are looking for software to manage your music between devices, then DoubleTwist is a great program. The self-styled ‘iTunes for Android’ it will collate your podcasts, song library and radio stations on multiple devices. It is a freemium program that is available for PC and Mac. The closest alternative to Samsung Kies may be sister software from the same mobile giant.

Samsung Smart Switch operates like Kies, but it enables data transfer between multiple devices, including two or more Samsung smart phones or tablets. To wrap-up, if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or other Samsung device, then the official Kies software is a handy all-in-one mobile-PC synchronization app.

There is similar software out there, and if you need a blazing fast program then you may be better hunting further afield try Smart Switch or TunesGo. As freeware goes, Samsung Kies is a great concept but it could do with squashing a few bugs. If you have multiple calendars, lists of contacts and content across several devices that is becoming out of sync then Samsung Kies could be a handy life jacket.

Free mouse click automation tool. Undoubtedly one of the heavy hitters when it comes to cloud storage. Windows Defender Is it finally the ultimate free protection for your device? The program that recovers what’s been lost. The leader in video and sound players. Easy communication, data transfer and updates between your PC and Samsung device Samsung Kies: a handy mobile-PC synchronization app Samsung Kies was released in and is considered one of the major game-changers in smooth synchronization between PC and mobile, and easy file transfer.

Where can you run this program? Is there a better alternative? Our take To wrap-up, if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or other Samsung device, then the official Kies software is a handy all-in-one mobile-PC synchronization app. Should you download it? Highs Useful Firmware updates Easy data transfer Fast download. EverNote Organize your life – for free. VirtualBox Optimal tools. Download multiple applications and transfer them to your mobile with ease and convenience.

The easiest way to get the latest version of Kies, if you already have the software installed, is to use the built-in update function. Samsung Kies Download. Tested on TechSpot Labs. Learn more about our downloads and why you can trust us.

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