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The software contains various basic effects such as chroma key, PiP, keyframe animator and more. Should you need more advanced features you might purchase additional third part applications from various companies like NewblueFX, Prodad, RedGiant, MotionStudio. Does this product do gopro time lapse clips?

Hello, As long as the video format is compatible with the software you will not have any problem while importing, exporting or editing it. With kind Regards, Your MAGIX team see less Hello, As long as the video format is compatible with the software you will not have any problem while importing, exporting or editing it. Also, the vendor daemon uses a port specified at run time. We only multi-thread some of the processes in Mocha at this time.

Performance improvements are on the development list to speed up a lot of the workflows. We will let our users know when we are able to utilize multi-threadding on all of our processes, but that will take time to implement. That is caused by trying to use the incorrect activation code for you Mocha product.

Make sure you have double checked your activation code, and make sure you have the right version. You usually see this when you have used license manager 1. In general, as we don’t use the latest OSX updates for “signing” Mocha, Yosemite is not totally green lit to run Mocha.

This means Mocha’s ability to run on Yosemite depends on the users’ security settings which apps you allow to run on OSX. This may be a conflict with your video card. Our custom user keyboard shortcuts are designed to be shared, but if you want to share the default settings AE, Nuke, Etc you’ll need to make a copy of them first.

Check “track in AE” and close Mocha. Check our user forums or contact support, we are happy to help you! You can find more the license and installation guide here. If you are still having problems or need technical support, contact us. If possible, turn off your firewall for a minute and activate online. Otherwise, you will need to send your Host ID and activation code into support for a manual license generation.

Contact support now. You most likely have the wrong program installed. Please make sure you install the exact product your activation code is for. This is found in your purchase email. Installing a download from the Imagineer site, requires an upgrade purchase. Still confused? Email us and we are glad to walk you through the options. Troubleshooting suggestions: Restart your machine, usually a simple restart is enough to get any piece of software back on track.

Make sure your video card driver is up to date. You may see this ifMocha AE has been accidentally set as the default program for that type of video file on your machine. Please use quicktime or windows media player as your default video player on your machine instead. Legacy versions of Mochaare not supportedondual monitor thunderbolt systems or systems with several thunderbolt ports in use.

This issue has been resolved in the latest version of Mocha V4. Please make sure you have Mocha V4. If you continue to have thunderbolt issues, please contact support.

While this issue is fairly rare, you may need to update your Wacom Driver. Make sure you use a driver suited for your machine and that it is the correct driver for your exact tablet model.

This is usually due to a non-English language keyboard layout German, for example , or other possible keyboard mapping conflicts. Customizable keyboardshortcutsare now found in: MochaPro 4 and Mocha Plus 4. Find out more here.

Mocha does not support non-standard, custom frame-rates. You will need to use a different frame-rate, as close to your desired frame rate as possible, but convert your footage to individual frames instead of a movie. You will then be able to composite your shot and convert it to the proper frame rate of your choosing.

When you render in Mocha, renders are temporary cached image files in your Results Folder. Turn overlays on, that should fix the issue for you. If you using perspective when you track, it may be that your surface is going behind the camera in Mocha and corrupting the data. You may need to re-track the shape using only translation, scale, rotation, and shear instead of perspective.

If your Mocha shape does not lineup in your destination software, you may have a mismatched project frame rate or aspect ratio. If you are seeing stranger results, the track for that shape may have become corrupt. A good way to check this is to turn the surface tool on and see if the surface tool does anything unexpected, like disappear.

You may need to re-track the object. You likely need to update your graphics card driver. Install the drivers and restart your machine. If you are using Mocha3. Turn off the anchor point and your track and null should line up perfectly. You can also view Mocha’s technical requirementshere.

Mocha has the ability to interpolate interlaced footage. This must be set up when you start your new project: separate fields. Please note: For rendering modules such as Remove, Insert and Stabilize, interlaced footage can be difficult to work with.

Imagineerrecommends working inside Mocha on frame based clips. Consider processing interlaced footage into frame based , de-interlaced footage in another program. You may then remove and render out of Mocha at full size, making the remove tool work easily in your shot. Understanding the planar tracker is key to getting a good track.

If your tracker is simply not working properly, there could bea corrupt file in your cache. Delete the contents of your cache folder. Delete the cache folder contents and restart Mocha. Mocha from Boris FX supports most standard movie clip and image sequence formats. In order to use clips ie. Level of QuickTime support can vary depending on the operating system. View documentation: supported file list What to Do if Mocha Does Not Support Your Footage In the event that you are working in a format that Mocha doesn’t support, we recommend converting the footage to an image sequence.

It may be because you do not notice an occlusion that Mocha DOES see; moving objects or people that slowly move in front of the area you are trying to track need to be avoided. But it could also be that you are not tracking enough or the right area of an object. When you paste or importyour Mochadata into the final composite or edit, make sure you are pasting or loading your data in at the first frame of the clip, otherwise your data will not line up.

Project settings such as frame rate, dimensions and pixel aspect ratio must be match between your Mocha project and your destination software. Make sure these values match the settings in your compositor or editor and inside of Mocha, otherwise your tracking data will not match when you export it. There are certain types of codecs and file types that Mochadoes not support, usually native, unprocessed codecs off of cameras and AVIs on Windows. You mayneed to convert the file to something Mochasupports, such asquicktime or an image sequence.

If your screen is black or white for clips but not for images, it is most likely the codec for the movie files that is causing the issue. View Documentation: supported file list Other troubleshooting tips: Double-check that your quicktime drivers, codecs, and video card drivers are up to date, and that quicktime can open the file. You are running Mocha in learning edition LE mode. AVS Video Editor 7. Camtasia 8. DaVinci Resolve 16 9.

Adobe Premiere Pro InVideo is a fast, easy-to-use and intuitive browser-based video editing platform. With InVideo , you can create stunning videos in minutes, even if you have no previous video editing experience. You can work on your projects from any PC or laptop and in any browser. All you need to do to get started is to create an account on InVideo.

Rather than offering a free trial, InVideo lets you use their video editor for free for as long as you like! Since InVideo is completely browser-based, the duration of your final export must be under 15 minutes. To add to that, the intuitive video editor features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to add text , stunning effects, transitions , animations, and more to your videos with a single click. Automated voice-overs, HD resolution, speed adjustment. VideoStudio is a company that provides a full suite of video editing tools that can help you turn regular clips into professional-looking videos.

The key differences between the two lie in the number of effects available, the number of cameras you can use for multi-cam editing two vs. Both versions include a variety of advanced video editing features, such as:. Even then, we recommend taking full advantage of the day free trial since it will take some time to learn all the ins and outs of the software.

Your cart is empty. Unable to add items to cart. Download Free Trial. Tutorials, software demos, training videos, and more. Made by you! Start fast Camtasia is quick to learn. Engage viewers Create content your viewers actually watch. The best screen recording software for Record your screen. Add a few effects Drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and more in the built-in video editor. Share your knowledge Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.

Learn more about Audiate. Simple, but full of features. Templates Camtasia’s new video templates make it easier than ever to create the video you need. Camtasia Packages Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, and presets in a single file. Recording Record anything on your computer screen—websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations.

Pre-Built Assets Customize any of the royalty-free assets in the Camtasia library and add them to your video for a professional polish. Screen recording options Camtasia records exactly what you want — the entire screen, specific dimensions, a region, a window, or an application. Learn more Give it a try. Tech Specs. About the Pinnacle Studio Trial The trial is a day period. The trial is intended for first time users of Pinnacle Studio and is designed to deliver a feel for the product before purchase.

It is not a fully featured product and offers fewer video effects, templates, titles, and filters. The trial does not include disc authoring capabilities, MyDVD software, or screen recording software. A watermark is placed on project exports. Note that the watermark is removed upon full purchase. Projects, libraries, and customizations created within the trial are transferable to the full software, post purchase.

Fewer formats are supported in the trial version of Pinnacle Studio.